Make/Model/Year Data Format




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    Jim Stewart

    This can make for some monster data cells if you have a product that fits a lot of vehicles.  Is there a way to come at this from the vehicle side rather than the product side?  In other words, sturcture the data upload to show only the part(s) that will fit the 2013 Chevy Traverse?  Or would this be even more complicated?

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    James Bathgate


    The issue is that SearchSpring relies on a product data set. So the key part of the data feed needs to be the product and then you tell us about the attributes for that product. We've had customers with thousands of Make Model Year combinations for a product and it works fine.

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    Susan Petracco

    What do you do if the content should contain a slash? An example would be a 1978 GMC C/K Pickup 1500. Can you escape the slashes?

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    Ben Upp


    Thank you for the question.

    No, escaping the slashes won't work in your example, but technically, you can use other delimiters besides "/" and "|" - just as long as the delimiter isn't found within the content, as you pointed out.

    So, looking at the above examples, the following would also be valid:

    And in your case, the following is valid:
    1978>GMC>C/K Pickup 1500
    Note that the ordering of "Make > Model > Year" is not required; in your example, I've used "Year > Make > Model". The order of this all depends on the order you want users to follow while drilling down into the option.

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